Ask Taylor: Checking In

As part of our #HoffmanDifference segment, we sat down with Taylor Hoffman, President of Hoffman Auto to understand what a customer can expect when they come to Hoffman Auto. When your car arrives at Hoffman Auto, we’ll go through a quick “check in” of the vehicle and make sure all our information is up to date for you.

Checking in your vehicle includes:

  1. Recording the VIN and Plate
  2. Identifying tire size and air pressure as suggested by manufacturer
  3. Vehicle mileage
  4. NYS Inspection due date
  5. Oil Change due date
  6. Check for any damage / dents

Once we’ve entered this information into our system, it helps us with recommended services. The last thing we want is for a customer to come in for a service and then a week later have to come in because their NYS Inspection is now expired. We know our customers are busy and we do not want them to have to come back multiple times when everything could be done quickly at once, getting you back on your way.