Protect your vehicle’s undercarriage from the harsh North Country weather and conditions.

Rustproofing, sometimes referred to as undercoating, is a coating applied to a vehicle’s undercarriage to protect it from salt and other road contaminants which can cause deterioration and rust to the underneath of a vehicle. Hoffman Auto offers rustproofing from Krown, one of the largest rustproofing companies in Canada. Krown’s product goes on clear in color and can easily be removed if necessary. The product comes with an additional warranty for cars that have been purchased new within 6 months of coating that protects your paint and many other components on your vehicle.

Your vehicle does not have to be new to receive Rustproofing. Our staff can take a peak underneath your vehicle to see if undercoating is beneficial for your vehicle. In many cases, Krown’s rustproofing can reverse the effects of rust and salt so common to the North Country.

It is recommended to have rustproofing applied in early fall, before your vehicle sees too much salt. In the spring, we recommend our de-salting service to wash away any salt build up from the winter roads.

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