Why are your prices so much higher than everyone else in this area?

The simple answer is quality. We believe in spending the extra time and money to make sure our customers are taken care of as well as their vehicles! Here are a few ways we enhance your quality experience:

  • Top quality parts: We believe in selling the best parts out there. We have tested many different brands of parts and from our experience, we always try to select the best part for the job. Many times, this means we need to purchase from the Manufacturer (i.e. Chevrolet or Honda) and the part is typically more expensive, but more reliable and longer lasting.
  • Top quality technicians: We don’t believe in hiring low-level techs. Even our best technicians do oil changes and tire repairs. By having our high-level techs work on your vehicle, you are assured the best job possible is being performed.
  • Large inventory of parts: In an attempt to get your car in-and-out as quick as possible, we stock a large inventory of OEM and aftermarket parts; ready to install. This huge investment allows us to service your vehicle quickly and stay on top of the ever changing issues vehicles have every day.
  • Multiple customer service representatives: We have up to 4 customer service representatives to assist with your immediate needs or guide you through warranty work. We strive on a 24 hour or less response rate during the business week with most communication happening that same day.
  • The best tools and equipment: We invest in the best tools and equipment to service your vehicles, and are always adding new items every month. We spend tens-of-thousands of dollars a year keeping up with the tools and equipment needed to properly repair all of our customer’s vehicles; we are also the most technologically advanced shop in the area. From having the only Computerized Wheel Alignment Machine in Lake Placid, to 7 different scan tools for Computerized Diagnostics for all makes and models, to the only All-Wheel-Drive Chassis Dyno in a 250 mile radius. These are just some of the tools that keep us WAAAAY ahead of the rest!

You say your repairs are quick, but it took forever to get my car repaired. Why?

Unavailability of parts: We try as hard as possible to get vehicles in and out quickly, but sometimes it can be up to a week to get a part for a specific repair, and, if we need another part along the way that we could not foresee, it could possibly take up to another week. Unfortunately, we live in a remote area and even though we have selected our vendors specifically for great service and quick shipping, sometimes it just cannot happen fast. We can always offer expedited shipping, but many times, the shipping charges are more than the cost of the part. In these cases, our customer service representatives keep customers informed on the status of their vehicle and when work is expected to be finished.

Unforeseen Service: We always try to give our customers the “worst-case scenario.” If we know your vehicle will not be done immediately, we tell you. As we try to give a high-level of service to all our customers, sometimes there are unforeseen issues that arise with a vehicle, pushing the schedule back. If this happens, our team alerts our affected customers so appointments can be rescheduled. Many times, we are able to shift appointments around and complete services by the next day.

Why is there always a list of Recommended Repairs on my invoice, even if my car is near new?

Unfortunately, the North Country roads are harsh on our vehicles. We have seen steering, suspension and braking components fail in the first 15,000 miles of a vehicles life, and even though the vehicle is still under warranty, we believe it is our job to let you know about a potential issue with your vehicle.

My vehicle is still under warranty, why do you keep recommending repairs?

Because we care! We’d rather see our customers disappointed in their vehicle because something has failed, than the customer disappointed in us because we recently worked on the vehicle and did not find a potential safety issue. Plus, vehicles NEED to be maintenanced!!! Just like regular oil changes, tires need to be rotated, brakes need to be cleaned, transmission fluids need to be flushed, filters need to be replaced and much more.

We believe in preventative maintenance. Like going to the dentist to get a cleaning instead of waiting until you need a root canal, we’d rather fix small issues that potentially prevent larger ones from happening instead of waiting until you are stuck on the side of the road at midnight. By taking care of your vehicle it will take care of you. It is a very large investment and if you keep up on cleaning and servicing it, you will get more money back out of it in the end.

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