If you’ve ever been to Hoffman Auto in Lake Placid, you know the type of shop we are. We care about our customers and about what we do.

The Red Carpet Treatment

We are not your typical repair facility. With a bit of Adirondack hospitality and professionalism unexpected in this industry, we are here to make sure you leave satisfied, but more importantly that you leave in a safe vehicle. From the first time you give us a call or walk into our shop, the red carpet is rolled out and our team is here to help you however we can.

A Real Checkover…FREE

When your car comes in, you can easily “check in,” drop your keys off and be on your way (or stay and enjoy our waiting area). One of our service managers will then check your vehicle in to our shop and a qualified technician will take it for a test drive and start a courtesy multi-point inspection. This inspection is done digitally on a tablet, allowing our technicians to rate each point based on condition and take photos of any issues so you can see what we are seeing. We’ll then text, email or print the report out for you to review. Our multi-point inspections are thorough and are meant to give you a better understanding of the health of your vehicle, what you may need to do soon, and what you are doing well to keep it in optimal condition. Think of it like a “check-up” you get when you go to the doctor’s office.

Technology & Communication

You may wonder why we ask so many questions when you call…name? email? cell phone? vehicle? We like sending you updates on your vehicle while it is in the shop…kind of how daycare centers send photos of your kid doing cute things. When your multi-point inspection is complete, we’ll text you a link to view the inspection and see everything we found…the good, the bad, and unfortunately the ugly. Once you’ve glanced at this, we get a notification and will connect with you to review and put a game plan together.

Our facility continues to invest in the latest technology to keep us up to date and provide our customers with the best service possible. Our new Bolt On Technology program allows us to send vehicle updates, estimates, inspections, and invoices via text or email, giving YOU more choice in how you want to interact and communicate with our team.

Go the Extra Mile

We have an amazing roadside assistance team ready to help you out when you are in a jam. These guys will go the extra mile to make sure you are safe and get you where you need to go. It is never fun to be stuck roadside, but if you have to, these are the guys you want to be with.

What our customers are saying about Hoffman Auto

Thanks for your help in getting me back on the road. I filled out the survey all the highest marks. I appreciate all the Hoffman has done in dealing with the issues.


Thank you all again for your help and kindness. Good to know there are still good people around.


Just want to let people know that I greatly appreciated everyone helping me with the trailer brake’s emergency this past week. Another way to phrase this is “no need to panic, with Hoffman Auto’s professional mechanics.” I was so grateful for the staff helping me with this unexpected emergency. Thank you very, very much :)


We just wanted to thank you for how nice you and your employees were to us during the relatively stressful week when our car chose to have a brake problem. At least it occurred in a parking lot and not on a downhill slope. The foliage was so beautiful and the weather warm so what could have been a bad week was most enjoyable for our extended stay. Thank you so much.


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