We can custom tune select vehicles and motorcycles on our Mustang Dynomometer to get the most and safest, performance out of your engine. Specializing in “forced induction” (i.e. Turbo or Super-charged), we can make your vehicle make the most efficient power possible. We tune anything from motorcycles (Harley, Metric and Sportbikes) to sport compacts (Subaru, Mitsubishi, & more) all the way up to Gas & Diesel Trucks.

Our state-of-the-art Mustang 500SE AWD Dynomometer provides us with an excellent machine for reliable tuning. Whether you’re looking for base horsepower numbers or a full tune, our dyno is always consistent and reports “real world” numbers because it takes into consideration the weight and specific drag of your vehicle’s shape as if it were driving down the road. We even use the dyno on occasion for drivability issues where we can log parameters like A/F ratio, boost, temp, humidity and more. Since our dyno is an “Eddy Current” dyno, our technicians can load the rollers down at a specific RPM or speed to tune specific areas of your vehicle’s EFI; this is something not all dynos can do.

Dyno Days

We love cars, bikes and trucks alike. Contact us if you are interested in hosting a Club Dyno Day for you and your buddies. A typical Dyno Day includes approximately 10-15 cars, lunch, and a laid back atmosphere.