Spring is Here…Is Your Car Ready?

Spring is one of the biggest car care times of the year. We all know the feeling of that first warm spring day. You strip off the gloves, hat, and boots and trade them in for sneakers, shorts, and a t-shirt. Your car wants to feel the same way…it’s ready for winter’s grit and road salt to be washed away.

Here are some ways to get your car ready for the warmer months…or for your Spring Break Road Trip…


Wash away rust-causing salt from your vehicle’s undercarriage with Krown Salt Eliminator application.


Remove grit and salt from your vehicle’s interior or give it a spa day complete with car wash, wax, and clay bar to remove imperfections.

Brake Cleaning

Extend the life of your brakes with a brake cleaning. Recommended every time your tires are switched or rotated.

Switch Tires

Now is the time to switch out your winter tires for summer ones and make sure air pressure is adjusted properly.

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